Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the Garden Spotlight: CARROTS

Last week I said I'd start spotlighting heirloom seed varieties again.  Previous "Spotlights" include:

The Danver's Half- Long Carrot has thick 7-inch roots and good flavor.  It is an improved strain of Danvers carrot that was introduced in 1947.
Danver's Half-Long Carrot

The Atomic Red Carrot produces Brilliant red carrots.  They are so healthy and unique-looking, sure to add color to your garden. The 8-inch roots are high in lycopene, which has been shown in studies to help prevent several types of cancer.  Crisp roots are at their best when cooked, and this helps to make the lycopene more useable.

Atomic Red Carrot
Growing Carrots is very easy.  I would suggest that you consider companion planting in advance.  Carrot flies and maggots can be a big issue.  Planting Onions and Leeks will help keep those nasty pest away.

From the Growing from Seed Page:
One week before planting you can add a general fertilizer, one that does not contain high levels of nitrogen, as this could cause the seeds to grow multiple roots. In most cases, plenty of compost or peat moss is enough for carrots to grow well.

Planting the carrot seeds
Thinly plant the tiny carrot seeds in drills that are about ½ inch deep. Drop a few seeds into the soil at every inch. The rows should be approximately 8 inches (20cm) apart. Cover the seeds with fine soil and apply a very thin layer of straw or shredded bark. Germination takes place within 15 - 20 days.

Thinning the seedlings
The seedlings should be carefully thinned out when they have sprouted and reached a height of approximately 1 inch (2.5cm). Space them out so that they are first 2 inches (5cm) and then 5 inches (12cm) apart. Thin the seedlings at night, as this is when the carrot fly are absent, and destroy all trimmings by either burning, burying or binning them.

Ensure that the roots of the seedlings do not suffer too much disturbance, as this can affect their growth. Pat down the soil after thinning, as carrot fly like to lay their eggs in loose soil.

Apply a layer of mulch about ¾ inch thick once the plants have been established.

Watering the carrot seedlings
The soil should be kept moist at all times but carrot seedlings do not need to be deluged in water. Water when the soil is dry and keep the soil moist and the plants will be happy!
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If you have additional questions on growing carrots just ask.  Check out Mary's Heirloom Seeds if you have a moment.  The Save some "Green" on Greens sale ends tonight at midnight.

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