Friday, March 29, 2013

NEW Heirloom Seed Varieties!!! LOVE Spring!

You read that right...MORE New Arrivals over at Mary's Heirloom Seeds!
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Mary's Heirloom Seeds
Dear Mary,
Our selection of unique Heirloom Seeds continues to grow!  We just can't help ourselves when it comes to new varieties.  Oregano, Lavender, German Chamomile and Purple Plum Radish are back in Stock.  Fenugreek sprouting seeds are also back in stock!
Black Hungarian Pepper
75 days.  Rare and colorful, these tall plants have beautiful purple flowers that make this variety very ornamental.
They are mildly hot and have a delicious flavor.

NEW Arrival 
Red Marconi Sweet Pepper
90 days.  This variety matures a little later than regular bell peppers but produces much sweeter and tastier fruits.

Vigorous plants produce high yields of high quality fruits that ripen to a deep red color.
Vulcan Chard
60 days.  Very attractive and uniform red chard. A wonderful, prolific and hardy variety, this chard has great flavor and is perfect for marketing. 60 days.
Trim outer leaves or cut the entire head. 
Great for salads, casseroles or sauteed. 
Fordhook Giant Chard
60 days. Succulent celery-like stalks support large, dark green, very savoyed, fleshy leaves.
Trim outer leaves or cut the entire head. 
Great for salads, casseroles or sauteed.

Mary Washington Asparagus
Asparagus plants are perennial and Mary Washington can continue to produce for up to 20 years! Best planted in early spring or in the fall.
Asparagus plants should grow for 1 full year in the garden before they are harvested.
Laurentian Rutabega
100 days. Large, 4-in to 6-in. round roots are creamy yellow on the bottom and dark purple at the top.

Once peeled, they have a mild flavor and firm texture.

NEW Arrival 

Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas
60 days.  Produces a huge number of 4" delicious pods which are harvested and eaten when the pods are flat, before the seed forms. Short, 28" vines easy to manage. resists mildew, pea virus, and common wilt.
Excellent freezer variety. Grow on a trellis.
If you have questions about seed varieties, planting dates or anything heirloom seed or garden related please feel free to ask.  We are more than happy to help!
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Tracy Speight said...

I love your blog. I also like to use heirloom seeds and belong to Diggers here in VIC, Australia. I found your link via Bloglovin Blog Hop. I plan to come back often to read your posts.

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