Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hard Read Wheat

For Sprouting!!!

There are so many types of seeds, grains and beans that you can sprout.  We recently added Hard Red Wheat to our selection of
 Organic Sprout Seeds.
You can sprout wheat in a jar, grow it in the garden or even grow "Cat grass."  If you have pets and shop in a large pet store you've probably seen cat grass and it sells for about $5.50 for a tiny square.  For pennies you can grow your own!  Do you have chickens?  Sprout wheat for them! 

Hard Red Wheat can also be ground to make flour but today we're talking Sprouts!  Sprouting wheat is very simple.  
-Add seeds to your jar.
-Add water.
6-12 hour rinse/drain cycle

After 2-3 days you're ready to eat those sprouts.  Simple and healthy!  Grow them longer and you've got wheatgrass!

Sprouting seeds and Sprouting Kits from Mary's Heirloom Seeds include detailed sprouting instructions.
Check out our Cat Grass Kits coming soon!

Why Hard Red Wheat?

From Livestrong:
There are two categories of hard red wheat: hard red winter wheat and hard red spring wheat, according to Ohio State University Department of Horticulture and Crop Science. Hard red wheat is so named because it is planted in the spring and winter. The kernels are small, uniform in size and are slightly red-hued. Hard red spring wheat has the highest protein content of all wheat varieties; which makes it ideal for long term storage. Most commercially prepared breads and all-purpose flours are made from hard red winter wheat, which is ideal for baking with its medium-high protein content.

Fantastic!  Sprout it, grow it and bake with it!
I'm sprouting NOW!  I'll share a complete tutorial very soon.
2/3 cups of grains (seeds) will produce approximately 1 cup of sprouts, which is about 1/2 pound of sprouts!
Sprouted Hard Red Wheat
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Feral Turtle said...

Great post Mary. I love growing sprouts. I love them on sandwiches!

Joyce said...

I would love to know how to make flour from sprouts. I finally got around to sprouting the mung beans and included them in my egg salad sandwich yesterday. By the way I have put them in the fridge and I am wondering how long they will last. Blogging on my experience soon.

Mae said...

YUUUUM me and my husband really enjoy trying new things with gardening and becoming more self sufficient. Love this & pinned it for future reference. <3


Mary-Sweetwater Style said...

I have been growing hard winter wheat as decor as well as the basis for smoothies...great stuff! Hop over to Sweetwater and take a peek!

Kathryn said...

This is the second time this week I have read posts on sprouting, I need to do this! Found you on the Aloha hop. Now following your blog and fb, would love follows back :).

Cynthia Landrie said...

I knew I would find a post on sprouting or something wonderful that has to do with veggies!

I love all of your posts and am so glad you share.

Thanks for linking up to the In and Out of the Kitchen party! See you next week!

Cynthia at

Linda@With A Blast said...

I love using sprouts in my recipes, but had no idea it is so easy to grow yourself ! Thank you for sharing at ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS Link party and can not wait to see what you will link next week :-)

joan robertson said...

Really good post! I have often worked with sprouts, in fact there was a time when I taught this topic at my school when I was the Principal. (In Chile)I also included this in teacher training courses, especially in the drylands area of central Chile, where greens are difficult to grow. Have a good weekend!

Lisa Lynn said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing your post on The Creative HomeAcre Hop! Happy Easter!

Hope you have a chance to link up again this week:

Anonymous said...

I need to eat a wider range of grains than I do. This sounds interesting!

Thanks so much for linking up with Inspired Weekends! Please stop by Horrific Knits on Friday for the next round!

Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick said...

Will try this.......Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

Kathy Shea Mormino

The Chicken Chick

Lisa Lynn said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks for sharing this on Wildcrafting Wednesday! Hope to see you again today!

Black Fox Homestead said...

This is something I really need to be doing. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to hearing more about it.