Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Reveal and Reviews! Are you in?

Good Morning and Happy Monday!
It's been a busy few weeks with plenty of giveaways and a 
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And now the Book Reveal!   We are reading 
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver.  Without giving you my full review...I'm hooked so far!!!

 (If you click the link you can purchase from amazon)

Here's a quick excerpt:
Oily Foods
"Americans put almost as much fossil fuel into our refrigerators as our cars. We’re consuming about 400 gallons of oil a year per citizen – about 17% of our nation’s energy use – for agriculture, a close second to our vehicular use. Tractors, combines, harvesters, irrigation, sprayers, tillers, balers, and other equipment all use petroleum. Even bigger gas guzzlers on the farm are not the machines, but so-called inputs. Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides use oil and natural gas as their starting materials, and in their manufacturing. More than a quarter of all farming energy goes into synthetic fertilizers." -Stephen L. Hopp

From the website:

A Family Collaboration

"The family’s year long experience leads them through a season of planting, pulling weeds, expanding their kitchen skills, harvesting their own animals, joining the effort to save heritage crops from extinction, and learning the time-honored rural art of unloading excess zucchini. Barbara Kingsolver’s engaging narrative is enriched by husband Steven Hopp’s in-depth reports on the science and industry of food, and daughter Camille’s youthful perspective on cooking and food culture. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life makes a passionate case for putting the kitchen back at the center of family life, and diversified farms at the center of the American diet."

Nancy Wolf from Prudent Living has graciously agreed to review the book first and then I'll have a go!  If you are "on the fence" about the review please send me an email.  I have a few non-bloggers who are interested in sharing their opinions on the book and you'll read them here at Back to the Basics!

Anyone who would like to read the book but not sure if they want to review can contact me at

Here's how it works:
Read the book.  Let me know when your review goes live on your own blog.  I'll share a snippet from your review and include links to each blogger who is participating.  Reviews start in 4 weeks!

Stop by tomorrow for another fantastic guest post!

Purple Beauty Bell Pepper!


Marissa said...

I am in awe of that big purple pepper! Beautiful!

Resh said...

Have wanted to read this book for a long time.. I have heard many good things. Thanks for reminding me about this one!

D @ The Shady Porch said...

This is a different kind of Kingsolver book than I've read in the past...still sounds interesting however. Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share! Blessings, D
P.S. That purple pepper is awesome!

Desirae R said...

This book sounds really interesting!