Monday, March 25, 2013

Seed Bombs! Now available!

Do I have you scratching your head thinking "What's a Seed Bomb?" and "Why do I care?"

Seed Bombs are...The Bomb!  (Do people still say that?)

Husband and I wanted to create another unique items for Mary's Basics.  We already offer handmade, small-batch Vegan lip balms, Organic Herbal Teas and DIY Tincture Kits...Why not Ballistic Seeds?
Guerrilla Gardening time!

We use organic seeds in all of our seed balls.

All of the ingredients used to make the seed bombs are natural.  Does it get any better than that?  Probably not!

Seed Balls are available in packs of 6 or 12.  Varieties include:
Marigold, Snapdragon, Zinnia and Morning Glory.
Just added: Cilantro!
There will be a few more varieties by the end of the week.

These flower garden kits are sure to attract novice and expert gardeners alike - and flying creatures too! Whether planted in the yard, in containers, or in an outdoor window box, these seed collections will create a vibrant spectacle that would make any gardener proud and flying creatures happy. 
Contents made in the USA. Handmade "seed bombs" ship in approximately 3 business days.

Seed Balls for my sister!


Becca Acker said...

Those sound really cool. Would be interested in seeing how they look once grown. :)
Thanks for linking-up at A Humble Bumble each week!

Joyce said...

I want to know more, how do you use them? Yes, how do they look once grown?

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

These sound so interesting ...I'd love to know more!?

I see on the sales have Morning Glories and Cilantro. Have you grown plants from these. Is spacing an issue?

I love the concept- some seeds are so small!

thank you for coming by my blog today. Pat

Cynthia Landrie said...

Seed Bomb! What a great idea! I just love everything you come up with!

Thanks for linking up! See you next week at the In and Out of the Kitchen link party!

Cynthia at

Cole Nemeth said...

These are so cool sounding! I, too, would love to see how they look once grown.

Linda@With A Blast said...

Right, I am joining most of the other's - would love to know more and what they look like when grown? Thank you for linking at ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS Link party !

Ashley said...

Definitely interesting. It could make planting a lot easier. Thanks for linking up to Mom's Library!

Betsy Pool said...

Seed bombs!! Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing at Romance on a dime!!

Ladies Holiday said...

Those are so COOL! They would have been great in Easter baskets, but there is still time, because planting season suddenly seems a ways was flurrying this morning! Saying Hi from ladies holiday!