We're Overstocked!!!

Dear Mary,

In May of this year we re-stocked our Heirloom Seeds and we may have gone a bit crazy! 
This week we had a chance to re-inventory
and realized that we are WAY Overstocked
on several heirloom varieties.
That means YOU get to save a bunch!  Prepare for next planting season, buy presents for family and friends or just increase your "stash."
We've added all of the varieties to one page: Garden Supplies

Arugula and
5-Color Silverbeet
Swiss Chard

Both varieties grow well in cool and warm weather regions.

Black Beauty
Black Beauty has large, jet-black fruits that are egg-shaped.  Between 4-6 inches.

Jalapeno and
Serrano Pepper
 Peppers grow well with Tomatoes, Basil, Onions, Eggplant, Carrots, cucumbers, Chard, Oregano and Squash.

Amana's Orange, Cherokee Purple,
Emerald Green
Tomatoes grow well with Asparagus, Basil,  
beans, peppers, marigolds, onions, peas,  
nasturtiums and cucumber.

Purple Beans

 Prolific producer and a good home garden variety. 

Beautiful addition to your garden and very tasty.
Beans grow well with Carrots, Chard, Eggplant, peas, potatoes, beets, broccoli, radish, strawberries and cucumber. 

The OVERSTOCK Sale ends
Monday, July 15th at Midnight
There are no limits on quantity of
seed packs.  $5 order minimum.
Orders $35 or more will ship via
USPS Priority Mail.
Orders over $10 will include
1 FREE Seed pack.
Orders over $25 will include
2 FREE Seed packs!

All seeds are organic, open-pollinated,
NON-GMO and non-hybrid.

Free shipping on all heirloom Seed orders!  

Seed Orders placed Monday-Friday are shipped within 24 hours,
except for holidays. 

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