Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Herbal Tincture Kits

I never thought making my own herbal "medicine" could be so interesting and so much fun.  

We've recently added 2 NEW DIY Tincture Kits over on the homepage at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.

The  DIY Feverfew Tincture Kit is a single herb tincture kit containing Organic, non-GMO Feverfew flowers.
Feverfew has been used for Migraine Headaches, for Asthma, Arthritis, Psoriasis, digestion and Menstrual cramps.
1 ounce herb option
The DIY "Soother" Tincture Kit is an
Herbal mixture with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.
Contains: organic Licorice root, organic Marshmallow root, organic Echinacea purpurea root, organic Orange peel, organic Cinnamon bark, organic Ginger root, organic Fennel seed, and organic Cloves. 

Homemade Tinctures ready to be bottled up

Additional varieties of DIY Tincture Kits include Rosemary, "Flashes" and Chamomile.
Coming SOON...DIY Winter Spice Tincture Kits for stress and anxiety. 
Available July 9th at NOON!!!

"Kits" purchased Monday-Friday ship within 24 hours 
via Priority Mail.

Tincture kits include:
1 - 32 ounce Glass Jar with lid, 
1 - 2 ounce Amber Bottle with dropper top,
1 Re-Useable Strainer, 
2 customizable labels (1 large, 1 small),
1 ounce of Organic Herbs (additional herbs available) and Detailed Instructions


Connie Nelson said...

How interesting and fun! I have been thinking about 'alternative' meds because I don't seem to get anywhere with my health lately. I took a class years ago - Medicinal plants of the desert - and still remember one we made from a cresote or greasewood bush. I really liked that one because as a kid, my father had made a strong tea of it to soak my athletes feet in. I had it for years and it was bad! It cured it after a few soaks!

Ellen Woj-evah said...

Wish I had access to these kind of herbs here where I live. Maybe I can do some research. I love doing natural things when it can benefit us and Mother Earth.

Susan@Organized31 said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday.

Cathy Compeau said...

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I would be honored if you join us and follow to stay connected Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Cathy

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of feverfew or marshmallow root. I have yet to make any of my own tinctures but have used my Grandma's homemade cough syrup recipe for years. I do hope to learn more on home remedies, but it seems there is just so much stuff to learn every day....in due time I guess.

Thanks for sharing!

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The HomeAcre Hop


Ora Wilcox said...

Hi Mary, I hope all is going well with your DIY tincture kits business! Like some here, I, too, wish I have the sills and the space in the backyard or lawn to grow my own herbs. Needless to say, they have essential benefits be it in cooking or medicine, and if you're lucky, you could boom a business out of it.Ora @ DABrico.com