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Getting Started on Your Fall Garden

I know...Fall already?  Summer just started!  Each month I put together a gardening newsletter for Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  If you'd like to get on the list you can send me an email at or you can use the Contact Page at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.

The newsletter for July is about planning your Fall Garden so I thought I'd share all of the info here as well.  AND we just announced a GIVEAWAY on our Facebook Page!!!

Happy Planting!

While it may be just the middle of summer, now is the time to start thinking about your Fall Garden.

If you don't start thinking about it now, the time to plant those seeds for a fall crop will have passed.  Because climate zones can be different in each region, it is important to know what and when to plant each seed variety.

Below are a few suggestions on what to plant during August and September from Mother Earth News.  For more details just ask! 
Peat Pellets
Central Midwest
Arugula,  Beets
Carrots,  Chard
Lettuce,  Radish
Spinach  and  Turnips
Gulf Coast Region  (includes all of Florida)
Beans,  Cabbage
Corn,  Eggplant
Leeks,  Peppers
Pumpkins,  Winter Squash
and Tomatoes
Small Sugar Pumpkin
Mid-Atlantic  (East Coast)
Beets,  Carrots
Cilantro,  Lettuce
Radishes,  Spinach
and Turnips
Pacific Northwest 
Arugula, Beets, Carrots, Lettuce,
Radishes, Spinach and Turnips 
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy Cabbage
Southwest  (West Coast)
Beets,  Broccoli
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage,  Carrots
Cauliflower,  Chard
Corn,  Cucumber
Leeks,  Lettuce
Radishes,  Spinach
Summer Squash and Turnips
Bulgarian Giant Leeks
Southern Interior  
(Central Texas to the East Coast)
 Beans, Beets, Broccoli,
Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots,
Cauliflower, Chard, Cucumber,  
Lettuce, Radishes, Spinach,
Summer Squash and Turnips
North Central and Rockies
Arugula, Beets, Lettuce, 
Radishes, Spinach and Turnips
Several of the seed varieties list above will be on sale until July 26th at midnight.  
Select seed varieties have been marked down 15-25% off through July 21st.   If you have further gardening questions feel free to ask or stop by Back to the Basics!
Mary's Heirloom Seeds 

Photo from Mother Earth News

Growing with Peat Pellets

Peat Pellets are Awesome!  These small discs are self-contained seed-starters.  They are virtually Mess-Free!  I really like mess free.  I know I've posted a few times this year about using peat pellets and yes, I sell them at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  However, that's not really why I get so excited about Peat Pellets.
Dry Peat Pellets
Anything that makes growing your own veggies, herbs or flowers just a tab bit easier makes me happy!

Just add water and they Grow!

Place peat pellet(s) in a tray or bowl and add water.  Warm water will stimulate growth a bit faster.  If the pellets soak up all of the water, add a bit more just to be sure they are finished growing.  Drain excess water.  This should take about 5 minutes or less.
Make a “hole” for the seeds.  Place seed in the “hole” and cover with peat soil.  Keep Pellet moist but not sitting in water.  Keep in a warm place such as a windowsill, patio table or under lights.
Several seed varieties such as Chamomile, Yarrow and Sage should be sown on the surface of the soil.  Simply pull back or cut the mesh covering off the top of the peat pellet and sprinkle the seeds on the surface.
Baby Basil growing in peat pellets
Purple Bell Peppers
Continue Reading this Tutorial...

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So glad I found your blog. We live in the AZ desert & have been wondering about doing a Fall garden. We do an early Spring garden of mainly tomatoes (which were all very tart this year), but even with auto watering, things just can't take our extreme heat much past the end of June. I truly appreciate the list of Fall possibilities. I'm a new follower!

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Those peat pellets look like a totally awesome way to start out a garden. Everything is kind of contained without having to do much.

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Thanks for the reminder. I am planning on the Fall Garden for the first time this year. Thanks for the information!

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I came over from the Home Acre Hop. We are gardening for the 1st time this year and we have been talking about putting in a 2nd crop now that some of the early stuff is starting to peter out. Thanks for the little extra push. I think it was just what I needed! :)

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Humm, those peat pellets sound like the way to go. Thanks for the info concerning fall gardens by region. I think I'll keep it simple this fall, but I would really like to try my hand at spinach. Going over to sign up for your newsletter. :-)

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Congratulations…this post was featured on Create It Thursday #13! Thanks so much for linking up such a great idea last week!

Unknown said...

Congratulations…this post was featured on Create It Thursday #13! Thanks so much for linking up such a great idea last week!