Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grow Your Own Catgrass!!!

Wheatgrass is like salad for your cats (or dogs).  Believe it or not...Cats and other creatures need vegetable matter in their diet, just like people, and Wheat Grass supplies that along with great nutrition.  Plus, by growing your own grass you ensure a healthy, chemical-free snack.
HomeGrown Wheatgrass
Our NEW Wheat Grass Kits include: 
Coconut Coir ( non-gmo, soil-free growing medium)
Organic Hard Red Wheat, non-GMO
Detailed Instruction

Start by soaking your seeds for 12-24 hours.  
This is a must to boost your wheat grass growth. 

You'll notice after 12 hours that the seeds are a bit bulkier now that they've soaked up a bit of water.

When your seeds have finished their soak, wet the coconut coir (soil-free growing medium) thoroughly.

 Spread soaked seeds over the coconut coir.

I grew a large tray for our cats but just a small tray for this tutorial.
Day 1
To water the wheatgrass I use a spray bottle to mist the seeds/grass.  There should not be standing water but just enough to keep the coconut coir moist.
Day 2!  Growing fast
Depending on how fast your wheatgrass grows, it should be ready for consumption after day 3.  If you want longer grass just let it continue to grow.
Rita and Lucy LOVE to eat grass!
By the end of Day 3 this grass is ready!

I let our large tray grow out for about 5 days to get nice tall grass.  Rocky likes to bury his whole face in it.
If you're ready to start growing your own chemical-free, non-gmo wheatgrass check out our new kits at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.

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Enzie Shahmiri said...

I had no idea it was so easy to grow this. I am visiting from the blog hop and hope that you will visit me on my blog as well.

April Tuell said...

I love how easy it is to grow this, I may be able to grow some, even with my black thumb. :)

Thanks so much for sharing this at "The Saturday Spotlight party"!
Have a great weekend!

Mary Woollard said...

I didn't know it was as easy as that! May have to try this soon with my kitties. Thanks for sharing at the Homeacre Hop!