Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guest Post: Advantages of Having a Shed

There are so many uses for a good quality garden shed.  I remember when we were kids we had several in the backyard.  One for tools and another for my parent's work stuff.  We always used to play around them.  My Gran had a shed in her back garden and her tortoises would hibernate in it for the winter.


The very many advantages of having a shed tucked somewhere in your garden.

Every garden enthusiast and expert gardener has secret weapon, and it's a garden shed. Here is why having a good quality garden shed is one of the most important things in your garden.
  1. Storage: A garden shed is a little inside-outside space. That means that it is ideal for storing things you really need, but are unable to keep in your house. In this sense, a shed is important not just for your garden, but also for your home. It will help you feng shui and hold clutter and mess at bay. Every beautifully groomed and cared for garden is maintained with the use of a lot of equipment, equipment that can rust and rot and go to ruin when left in the open. Your shed is like you little garden power cell, for keeping all those indispensable things like rakes, hoes, fertilisers, spades, gloves, stakes, blu tack, hoses, trainers, gumboots, seedlings and pots safe.
  2. A shed is useful because it can add value to your property, just like a beautiful garden can. It shows that the property has been well cared for and well-loved.
  3. You can adapt your shed  to be a greenhouse as well. Having a green house must be every gardener's dream, doesn't it?
  4. Your shed can also be used as a workshop for garden related projects, like pottery, potting and repotting. Having this space can be a great stress relief.
  5. If your shed is big enough, you can move your gym equipment out there. That means more room in your house!
6.  Out house! This can be very useful if you have guests staying. The great thing about a shed is that they can more or less be anything that you want them to be. This is an image of a wooden shed, a DIY job, modelled after a 'beach shack'. A shed this small could be tucked neatly in the corner of a garden.

7.  If you want to connect your shed to water and electricity, you can do that. Sheds are usually the perfect candidates for solar power connection. Placing a few solar panels on the roof of your shed is simple, and you can use all of the excess electricity to power your home. Here is an image of a shed that's modelled after an aviary, with mesh walls to let sunlight in.

from Ivy @ Steel Chief

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Patrice said...

We're trying to decide where to put a shed in our yard as we speak!

Sandra said...

I would love a garden shed!
Great post! Thanks for sharing with the HomeAcre Hop :) I hope to see you again this Thursday!

Lee John said...

Great post to show the advantages of having a shed. Thanks for this wonderful sharing and making it easier for people to understand, why they should have the sheds. I was also convinced by my friend to have a american barns nz.