Monday, July 11, 2011

What I learned today...

Another AMAZING day in sunny (HOT) Florida! I learned so much...where do I begin?

I learned to be more careful where I place my seedlings. My screened in patio is cat territory!
I learned how to make my own tomato cages from an awesome video.
From that same video I learned how to use screen-like material to shield my tomatoes from pests.
I learned how to make my own garden trellis. This will be very useful with my cucumbers.

Today was all about research! I have not decided whether I'll grow everything in the ground or half container and half raised-bed. I am intrigued by the "square-foot-garden" method. Using this method is supposed to cut down on water usage, make the most of small spaces and control weeds naturally.

I need more time to decide what to do with the new garden. Fortunately for me, mother nature takes her time in the garden so I have a few weeks til my seedlings are ready to be transplanted.

I've been a busy girl today between work, research and now heading off to the gym.

Tomorrow is another day. I see more research, more work and more sunshine in my future!

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