Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The waiting game

I am not a very patient person, but I'm trying. Ask my mom, I was born early and I've been a "roadrunner" ever since.

So now comes the hard part...Waiting! I am anxiously waiting for planting day. Like I said, I'm on a budget, so the raised bed will have to wait til next week to be built. IF that is the method I choose. I don't have a "homestead" to manage so my duties are light. The dishes are clean, the house is picked up...so
what do I do now?

My hubby jokes that I'm a "Martha Stewart without the record" but I still have
so much to learn.

Soapmaking comes to mind. I have all of the tools necessary to make melt-and-pour soap but I'd like to try cold-processed soap. It will involve more research, which I love to do, and more materials.

Candlemaking sounds like fun but I don't use candles all that much. Candles make great gifts and so does soap...lightbulb...Christmas presents in July!!! Maybe.

More on that later. My coffee is calling!

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