Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick, Cheap and Easy

I have a sign hanging in my kitchen
(from my hubby's bachelor days)
that reads "If I am what I eat-I'm quick cheap and easy."
It was a gift from his brother...need I say more?

Last week my mom asked me "What's the easiest thing to grow that will come up the fastest?"

This one's for you Mom!

e quickest maturing veggie I'm aware of are Radish and Spinach.

The German Giant Radish germinates in approx. 3-5 days and grows well in soil temperature of 45 to 85 F. Radish is ready to pick and eat in 21 to 30 days. Planting radish can be done in the Spring, Summer or Fall in almost all zones making this one easy veggie. Mary's Heirloom Seeds sells seed pack with 300 seeds for only $4. Now that's quick, cheap and easy!

Spinach is another great crop. It can be grown indoors or out during almost any season. Spinach germinates in 7-14 days and grows well in soil temperatures between 30 to 60 F. For container gardeners, choose a 12 inch deep pot and keep the soil moist. Spinach can be harvested as soon as leaves are big enough to pick.

What about Broccoli? Mom always said "Eat your vegetables."

Broccoli germinates in approx 5-20 days (depending on temperature) at 50 to 85F. Compost is a must for this heavy feeder. This cool-season crop can be grown in containers or in-ground and matures in 48 days.

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