Saturday, July 16, 2011

My organized mess

My current garden in in various stages from containers to seedlings. However, my latest project is a major expansion.

Phase 1:
I started with half dead and thirsty grass...

And I dug a hole...

Then I added dead leaves and buried them for compost.

THAT was all
last week!!! I was pretty sore from all the raking and digging so I decided to take a break.

Yesterday I picked up where I left off.
I dug a 4 foot x 4 foot hole that is almost a foot deep. I am calling this
Phase 2.

I am
sore this morning but I feel GOOD!!

I'm still not completely sure what type of garden style I will choose. I might just use 3 methods: containers, in-ground and raised bed.

Today I'll cover my dirt mound (compost heap) with a sheet of thick plastic so that everything will decompose faster. This way, when I'm ready to plant in 2 weeks I have nice fertile soil to use without having to purchase much from the garden store.

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