Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My trip to the library!!!

I LOVE the library! I can thank my Gran for my interest in books. The last book I read (re-read because I liked it so much) was Torpedo Juice by Tim Dorsey. It's a silly book but everyone needs a little silly sometimes and I really enjoy his books.

While at the library I picked up a few books I hadn't read:

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
by Stieg Larsson (third third book in the series)

Down and Dirty: 43 Fun & Funky first-time projects & activities to get you gardening
by Ellen Zachos

The Art of the Kitchen Garden
by Jan & Michael Gertley

I highly recommend the Stieg Larsson series!

There are a few books in my personal library that are useful tools for just about everything.
I have a subscription to Mother Earth News,
If it Makes You Healthy (cookbook)
by Sheryl Crow & Chuck White
Growing 101 Herb That Heal
by Tammi Hartung

My Favorite Book:
The Encyclopedia of Country Living
by Carla Emery

While I don't live in the country, this book provides information for just about every household need. The cover reads ""Find and buy your land-Site and build a house or cabin-Create a vegetable garden-Log your land-Manage a herd of cattle-Raise chickens, goats and pigs-Mill your own flour-Bake your own bread...Treat your family with home remedies-learn basic beekeeping-Light your table with candles you made."

What a book! According to the chronology, the first edition of this book came out March 1, 1974 with many updates since.

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