Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stressed Out?

Why grow a vegetable garden? (Part 4)

Stress Relief.

My Chiropractor always says "Stress is what kills us; Chemical, Physical and Emotional."

It's true! Just a few of the side effects of stress include migraine, depression, weight gain or weight loss, heart disease and sickness. Just being out in the sun makes me
feel better. If I'm feeling anxious or stressed out, working up a sweat gives me great relief.

This week I dug the first stage of my "in-ground" garden. I dug 14 inches deep, 2 feet wide by 5 feet long...then I buried leaves to make compost. The second phase will be an identical 14x2x5 trench. When I was finished I was tired but also proud of what I had accomplished.

Below is a picture of the midway point. I had to stop and drink water. It's HOT
outside!It's hard to feel depressed or anxious when the first little seedlings pop out from the soil and the sun is shining down, nurturing new life.

This morning I check on my little "babies" and was shocked to see them already poking out of the I ran in the house to grab the camera!

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