Thursday, July 14, 2011

To raise or not to raise?

That is the question!

My current garden is planted in containers. Having recently moved into a house from an apartment, containers were my only option. Now that I have an actual yard I am weighing my garden-style options.

Do I plant everything in the ground or keep a few in containers? Do I plant directly
into the ground or a raised-bed?

I have looked at so many different garden designs and layouts and I'm still not sure which to choose.

This is an amazing garden and beautifully laid out. Although I don't have this much room, I could grow something similar.

A large container garden is another great option. I would need more recycled containers for something as large as this space.

Planting in hills would be a great idea but I think that rainfall in my area might wash it all away.

And last but not
least, the raised bed garden. But wait...there seem to be several methods to the raised bed garden. The most popular, from what I've read, is the Square Foot Garden method.

Raised beds can be made to fit just about any space. If I have a large area to use I can make several beds. Or if I only want to use a small space I can build a smaller bed.

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