Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Using Seaweed in the Garden

That's right, SEAWEED!!! It's free and plentiful if you live near the coast.

This morning I got up early (free parking before 8am) and went down to the beach with 2 grocery bags and a big plastic bin. I took my plastic bags down to the shore and picked the freshest seaweed which was just washing up on shore. After just 5 minutes both of my bags were full.

Back at the car I loaded the bags into the bin. I use the bin because it has a lid and I had a few errands to run before I went home.

Here it is!

Cleaning the Seaweed:
I used an old towel and spread the seaweed out over the towel. Just turn on the hose and rinse it down, picking up larger chunks to rinse more thoroughly. I'm going to let the seaweed dry just a bit before I use it.

Uses for Seaweed in the garden:
~Pest control

How to use Seaweed:

1. Make a tea. Put clean seaweed in a bucket and add water. After 2 weeks or up to 3months later, use the water on plants to fertilize the roots. Do not splash this "tea" on plant leaves and as with any fertilizer, do not over use.
~5 gallon bucket~Add 1/5 bucket of seaweed and fill with water.

2. Add to the compost bin or pile. Seaweed is a great compost activator and adds
beneficial nutrients.

3. Apply directly to topsoil as mulch. As the Seaweed decomposes it will naturally feed the plants.

4. Use Seaweed when planting potatoes as the salt may deter slugs and other pests.

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Lady of the Woods said...

Thats it? no waiting for it to breakdown, just lay it on the soil? I love it!