Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another update!

Nature is amazing! Green life is beautiful! I am inspired by the growth and today is Show-And-Tell.

Last update I had a bunch of flowers on my watermelon. Well now I have a few mini watermelons popping up. I planted the watermelon on June 1st so in 54 days I have inch-long, soon-to-be juicy watermelon. This particular melon should be ripe in 90 days or less. 36 more days??

I've had to compost 2 of my old tomato plants. It was a very sad day!
Due to circumstances beyond my sad...they were no longer viable plants.

The good news is my backyard project has grown into an enormous garden. I estimate I have 15 feet by 5 feet of in-ground planting area. Wow! And I dug it all by myself.

Today I transplanted Pumpkins! The little guys had outgrown their seedling pots. Here they are in their new home.

The picture above is the far east side of the garden. I'm starting here and moving west!

Zucchinis are growing but not quite ready to go out on their own. And neither are the Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. They're still growing into their pot and need TLC.

I can't forget my garden cats!!! Rita (little black cat) and Rocky (the big maine coon)

My tip of the day: Watch out for buried pipes.

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