Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Going Green in 2012...It's easy!

Maybe the title should be Greener in 2012.  There are so many "green" products out there but  I'm more interested in DIY "green" projects.  Below are a few items that will save you money and are more eco-friendly.
1. Turn off lights in rooms that are not in use.
2. Stop buying bottled water.  Use a Britta filter (or something like it) and a BPA-free bottle.
3. Make your own soap or detergent. (Instructions to follow)
4. Recycle.  It takes little to no effort to throw bottles and cans into a separate recycle bin.
5.  Grow your own.  If you haven't already started a veggie or herb garden what are you waiting for?
6. Buy locally.  Look for a farmer's market for weekly produce purchases or shop at your local hardware store instead of the big box stores.

Just these six steps will get you started on the right track.  While you're at it, why not look for the little guy.  Shopping online has become the norm these days.  Why not look for a small-business to support instead of always looking for the big-guy-on-the-block.

Just my 2 cents!  Happy greening in 2012!

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Dave said...

That's good advice Mary - Dave