Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Post!

Good morning!  I have a random post today about a few beautiful blogs I found.  I have notices a few new bloggers checking in lately and I thought I'd give them a mention today.

Denise at Preserving the Simple Life has a very useful blog.  I too am on a sort of journey to live life more simply and sustainably.  And that chocolate cake...what a husband she has!

Dave over at Cimba7200 has been posting wonderful photos and I encourage you to stop by.  I've never been to New Zealand but I almost feel like I'm there when I check out Dave's blog.

Just in case you'd like to imagine yourself on an island, Yvonne at The Happy Hippy has got what you're looking for.  I only just found Yvonne from (where a few of my posts have been re-posted).

Any blogs you've noticed lately that deserve a mention?


Denise said...

How nice to mention my blog (she says blushing)! My husband read your post and was beamimg ear to ear about the cake. He says, thank you, and a great ego boost to start the day! :)
I think it's a wonderful idea to mention blogs you really like, and I've found some great ones just visiting links here and other blogs that I may not have ever known about.
I've learned so much from everyone, had wonderful comments, and I've enjoyed meeting so many interesting folks.
Thanks again Mary. You've made my day! :)
Thanks, Mary! :)

Mary Smith said...

Always happy to make people smile and husbands can always use an ego boost (so I've learned).
Have a great day!

The Happy Hippy said...

Thank you so much for the mention Mary, that's really very kind of you. There are always those moments when one tries to think of what to write in the hope that someone, somewhere is finding your thoughts useful or interesting or that you can just bring some sunshine and smile to their day. I've only really been doing this since Oct/Nov so it's been awesome to find so many like-minded people who are willing to share their experience, knowledge and chocolate cake recipes! Happy Tuesday : )

Mary Smith said...

And thank you Yvonne! Every time I visit your blog I tell my hubby, "let's go live on an island." Living in Florida is the next best thing... sandy beached, warm water and hot weather!