Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Garden update and More Seed Varieties for 2012!!

I'm so excited I just can't wait another week!  I'll post an official announcement once the seeds are available at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  For now, I'll just spill the beans (or Dwarf Pak Choi and Country Gentleman Corn) for those of you in blogger-land.  Hint: Corn is now available!

Tomatoes and Peppers have been my favorite veggies to grow so far.  Radishes and Swiss Chard have been the easiest veggies I've grown so far...Until now!!
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

A few weeks ago I planted Long Island improved Brussels Sprouts...What a name right?  From seed to transplant they are wonderful.  I have planted a few extra LIiBS over the last few weeks so that I don't have 20 pounds of LIiBSs all at once.

 I am very pleased at the rate of growth from these LIiBS.  They need very little care other than light airy soil and regular watering.  The soil should be moist but not drenched.  They seem to transplant well.

I'll talk about new seed varieties tomorrow!

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