Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Review: Grow Great Grub

I have a few books on the table right now and most are garden books.  I'll try to review as many as I can this month.  There are a few I have already read and really enjoyed.

Each book has a link to my Amazon Store.  If you purchase anything using the link I make a small percentage on almost everything (doesn't have to be an item I listed). Every bit helps and is always appreciated!

Grow Great Grub: Organic Food From Small Spaces 
by Gayla Trail

I have really enjoyed reading Gayla Trail books.  This is the second of her books I have read and I'm looking forward to her next book.

When I read about gardening, more importantly growing my own food, I like to see pictures.  Even if you have a large space to garden with this book is very informational and a fun read.  I have a small area for my garden so I have added containers here and there to make more space.  There are so many gardening books out their to choose from.  This book is perfect for the beginner gardener or apartment dweller, really for anyone who like to garden. 

One bonus I found in Grow Great Grub... RECIPES!!!  I found her ideas and exciting recipes refreshing.  What do you do once you have successfully harvested your hard-earned grub...Eat it!

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