Saturday, January 7, 2012

What's the Point?

My posts have been all over the place lately!  I don't mean re-posted on different sites (even though that's been going on as well) but the topics may appear a bit random.  I assure you there is a "theme" or purpose to the seemingly indiscriminate posts.

It is very easy to get so wrapped up in your personal finances or environment and forget that we share this planet with billions of other humans and (equally as important) billions of animals, insects and other creatures.  I hate to read the news because it's always bad.  When I stop to think about what humans and animals in other cities and countries are dealing with (even as I write this post) I feel a sense of responsibility.  While I may be only 1 person I can make a difference in my own way.

I don't recycle because I'm afraid of global warming, or whatever the "latest" cause.  I recycle because I'd like to keep my trash out of landfills that are fast taking over precious land.  In future generations, humans and animals will need that land.  I plant extra flowers and am careful not to use harmful chemicals so that bees have a safe place to forage for nectar.  I plant heirloom seeds and encourage everyone I know to do so, because I don't want anyone (humans or bees) to suffer harmful effects of GMOs.

It's all about taking responsibility.  I plan on starting with the little things that in the end, make a big difference.

What will you do?

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