About Me

I'm a California girl livin in a South Florida world!  This is my story of life in the garden.  I'm not really a city girl but I'm not a country girl either.  I grew up camping and fishing, surfing and swimming with my family.

I manage a wellness-based Chiropractic Clinic.  I started this blog originally to generate interest in Health and Nutrition.  The more research I did, the more disgusted I became with what has been done to our food chain.  RGBh, gmo-seeds and gmo produce, steroids and antibiotics in meat, cancer-causing pesticides and so much more.  The more I posted the more I realized that I needed to start my own garden.

You may have noticed that the price on food, especially produce has been going up.  The quality, not to mention the nutritional value, has been suffering for quite a while.

After several years of research I decided to start my own online seed company, Mary's Heirloom Seeds
I don't sell anything that I wouldn't grow in my own garden.  All of the seeds listed are un-treated, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, non-gmo, heirloom seeds.  Plants are grown using no chemicals.

Heirloom seeds or seeds that have been passed down for generations are far hardier and as some studies suggest, have more nutritional value than genetically modified (GMO) seeds.

Anyway, I have been growing my own vegetables and besides the money they save me the flavor is WAY better than the vegetables available at the supermarket.  It also makes me feel less dependent on the supply and I know what goes on my veggies.

I put together a few packages of seeds that seem to belong together and the individual seeds are available also.  Food prices are not going down and growing your own food, especially heirloom veggies, is a great way to save money and get more nutrition for your dollar.       

Join me on my journey of sustainable living!

Happy planting,