Sunday, December 31, 2017


We LOVE Giveaways!!!!
As promised,  Mary's Heirloom Seeds is sponsoring Another Giveaway.
Are you ready???

This is a super simple giveaway with loads of seeds!  This Giveaway will run from Sunday, January 1st thru January 6th at midnight and is open to residents of the US and Canada
We will pick One Lucky Winner on January 7th


Includes One packet of each:
 Amana's Orange Tomato 
German Giant Radish
Anaheim Pepper
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Jalapeno Pepper
Tom Thumb Lettuce
Blue Lake Bush Bean
Purple-Top Whiteglobe Turnip
5-Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard
National Pickling Cucumber

This is a great starter kit for your Kitchen Herb Garden.  Includes a full-pack of the following varieties:
Genovese Basil

Coconut coir growing medium comes from the coconut's fibrous husk (known as coir) that is bound together by lignin (known as pith).  With the addition of water, coir expands to an easy to work with growing medium. The addition of water increases the volume 3 to 9 times, depending on the packaging of products. This process results in a 100% organic, biodegradable growing medium, making it a natural and safe growth medium of choice for growers

It is an amazing experience to learn new things!  Each kit includes
-Seeds: Butterfly Weed, Plains Coreopsis, Echinacea Purpurea, Marigold and Lacy Phacelia
-20 coconut Coir Pellets
-Plant Markers
-Sowing and Growing Tips included

Mary's Heirloom Seeds is a "mom and pop" small business created out of a desire to help people become more sustainable and self-sufficient. Our customers know that we are a simple phone call or email away
We currently offer over 500 varieties of open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid Heirloom Seeds.  Mary has signed the Safe Seed Pledge AND the Declaration of Seed Freedom.

Are you ready to enter the giveaway?

Giveaway is open to all Residents of the US and Canada.
Giveaway opens 1/1/2018 and ends 1/7/2018 at Midnight.
All giveaway entrants will be added to Mary's Heirloom Seeds mailing list.
Your information is never sold and we never send spam emails.

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Unknown said...

Probably my favorite, being the prettiest flower I’ve seen, is the Burgundy Okra. -Hoss

Unknown said...

I really like calendulas and marigolds. I make lotion and salve with them and I notice every spring I have a Bradford Pear tree and a Sand Cherry tree that is loaded with bees. I'm in the process of moving to the country and when I get moved and can plant trees and flowers I'm going to plant as many bee loving things that I can because I also want to have bees!

Unknown said...

I really enjoy lavender. Beautiful flowers and so many uses.

Unknown said...

I think some of my favorite bee loving plants are sunflowers - beautiful and such a sweet and rich honey from sunflowers.

Unknown said...

My favorite bee-friendly flower is the black oil sunflowers. Not only do the bee's get use from them, but then so do my chickens!

SnowflakeDay (Audra) said...

My favorite for bees is lavender. There are always several types of bees when it's in bloom. They also love my hyssop and butterfly bushes. -Audra O'Hara

Unknown said...

I wish I wasn't in Ireland because I would love this - I am an organic gardener :)

ardnasfu82 said...

My favorite bee friendly plant, I recently planted Salvia Mystic Spires and they have already started to bloom beautifully! The bees and butterflies will surely be enjoying them down here in South Florida for the winter and hopefully years to come, as it is a perennial plant.

Sandyfroglegs said...

Love your pictures & want to grow vegetables like yours!

laura m said...

Lemon balm and chamomile are my favorite bee friendly plants.

Unknown said...

I've never used this company before, but i am so excited to try her tomatoes!

Unknown said...

Agastache is my favorite bee magnet!

Anonymous said...

Bergamont is my favorite for bees.

Victoria said...

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