Sunday, October 27, 2013

Random stuff at the Market AKA Dealing with People

Before I get the week started I would like to share a quote from someone I spoke with at the market this weekends.  A couple stopped by my booth and I stated that all of the seed varieties I offer @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds are "Non-GMO, Open Pollinated, Heirloom seeds.  And ALL varieties are un-treated so you don't have any nasty chemicals or pesticides."
The "man" as we'll call him says "I don't care what kind of chemicals are used, as long as I get my tomatoes."

WTF!?!?  And I seriously try to stay away from foul language on this blog but you  have NO idea what kind of nastiness that popped into my little (big) head.  My calm, cool and collected response was:
"that might be fine for you, but what about the next generation?  Like my nieces and nephew...And what about their children?  It is our responsibility to grow without chemicals or they don't have a chance.  Have you SEEN Soylent Green?"
My little "side yard" on a good day!

I seriously just about freaked out.  But I'm okay for the moment.

PLEASE...If you don't know about heirloom, non-GMO seeds just ASK!!!  I would be happy to provide growing info.

I give FREE SEEDS with all of my orders and I try to educate people about the dangers of GMOs.  IT IS IMPORTANT!!!  Don't just think of yourself...Think about the health of your family and FUTURE GENERATIONS of your family!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2...


Janine Thompson said...

Talk about putting your head in the sand! Wow, just wow1

Mary Smith said...

Yep! WOW!

Joyce Wheeler said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!! Really? That's messed up, but unfortunately the mentally of alot of people. Then they'll wonder why they are sick or have cancer.

Melody Brown said...

Hi Mary
People have no clue. I'm a Master Floral Designer and when I do flower shows I love to discuss hoe flowers have changed over the centuries....
today we have genetically altered fruits, veggies, and flowers. Since 1993 we have had a tomato that was crossed with the longevity gene of the a new tomato with a longer shelf life. Back in the 1400's a tulip farmer noticed, to his chagrin, his red tulips had yellow edges. It was a diseased crop. Instead of burning the field He propagated the mutation. Fast forward again ya know those 'Rose' Poinsettias available at the box stores.....that was a diseased crop that was propagated again. Natural mutation..ok...genetic altering or chemically upgraded..I worry