Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mummy Jars from Mindie

Isn't this 600 Celebration exciting?  The 600 Celebration includes a Giveaway, Product Reviews, Guest Posts and DIY Projects JUST FOR YOU!!!  Today I'm please to introduce Mindie from The (mis) Adventures of a "Born Again" Farmgirl with a fantastic DIY Project.

  One thing I have noticed around our house is we have jars, lots and lots of jars. Canning jars, baby food jars, even large pickle jars we have hung onto. So what do you do with so many jars? You make crafts out of them of course!
And what could be more cute then these "Mummy Jars!" They are easy to make and add a splash of fun to any Halloween setting. This craft is so simple, even very little children can make one. So let's get ready to make a few (or more!)

Once you have collected up all your jars of varying sizes, it is time to wrap them mummies up! We had wide gauze, so I cut the strips in half. By cutting the gauze in half, I think, it gave the mummies a more tattered look. Start by putting a dot of craft glue on the jar and attach the gauze. Next? Simply wrap the gauze around the jar till you have your mummy wrapped the way you want it and secure the other end with another dot of craft glue. Use as much or as little gauze as you want because it is all personal preference.

When you have your jar "mummified" the way you want it, simply glue on two wiggle eyes and your done! For an added touch, drop in a tea candle (or one of those fake battery operated candles) in your jar to give it a warm glow. If you use the battery operated candles it can double as a season night light. You could fill the jar with treats and give them to friends or leave them on an elderly neighbors porch as a surprise! We used the jars we made last year as part of our site decorating when we went camping at Halloween!


mail4rosey said...

These are such a cute idea for the season. :)

I saw you linked to Thumping Thursdays.

Have a great week.

Joyce Wheeler said...

What a cute idea, love the camping out on Halloween, how fun was that?

Rose FineCraftGuild said...

Such a nice, family friendly Halloween display. Love this.