Sunday, June 1, 2014

VEGAN Organic Plant Nutrients

I've had a VERY positive response so far with the NEW Organic Plant Nutrients recently added at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  If you're just getting started on your garden Organic Nutrients are very important!   If you're having issues with production or health of your plants, Organic Nutrients might be the answer!
Original ORGANIC Plant Nutrients

The most common questions so far has been 
1. "How much do I use?"  and  2. "Is there a Vegan Option?"

Each individual pack of Organic Nutrients includes basic instructions.  I HIGHLY recommend that you read Which Plants are Heavy Feeders? to get an idea of which veggies need more food than others.

An NOW...I am Please to Announce...We have

  • Formulated to contain no animal products or animal by-products
  • A blend of excellent medium to long term nutrient sources
  • Add in combination with good organic compost to nourish your plants, improve the soil structure and encourage gardening
  • Ingredients include soybean meal, rock phosphate, alfalfa meal, langbeinite, humic shale ore, azomite, Acadian kelp meal and greensand
  • 3-2-2 formula
  • All-Purpose Fertilizer

Very important to mention, ingredients are derived from organic, non-gmo sources.
*New* VEGAN Organic Plant Nutrients
You can always add your own nutrients to any all-purpose fertilizer.  I have used seaweed or seaweed tea as well as homemade compost.  For tomato seedlings I usually double-dig and include a banana peel and a handful of dead leaves. 

For more info on Organic Plant Nutrients stop by Mary's Heirloom Seeds.
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