Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest Post: Jen in California

Today's post is from a fellow gardener, (And my Sister) currently growing in Southern California (Zone 10).  I hope to have many more just like it from readers and fellow bloggers.  Are you a gardener or Urban Homesteader?  Not sure what an Urban Homesteader is but you bake, preserve food, raise chickens or goats, garden or enjoy DIY projects?  I'm looking for your input!

Sit back, relax and enjoy.  Or if you're like me, read in between the 6 projects you have going all at one time.

Right now I have green onions, rutabaga, beets, tomatoes and broccoli in the ground and thriving.  Tomatoes and broccoli were just transplanted.  Everything in the garden has come from seeds.
Homegrown Beet

Recently I planted chard, marigold and bachelor button seeds straight into the ground and they are just coming up.
Swiss Chard

The herbs I planted in peat pellets are just starting to sprout.
Seeds planted in peat pellets
My favorite is squash because they can last months after they have been harvested.  A simple meal I like is a halved baked acorn squash with a half fresh avocado (also homegrown) in the hole where the seeds were.
Homegrown Tomatoes
I like working in the garden and seeing the veggies grow and having fresh produce that tastes better than what you get in the store.

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Unknown said...

Your garden is growing really well! I haven't had the chance to work on ours this year yet, but yours looks impressive.