Monday, September 19, 2011

Is it Fall yet?

Well technically the official first day of Fall is September 23rd.  However, the weather in sunny south Florida is predicted to be 90 degrees (without the heat index).  I won't let a little hot weather keep my from beginning my Fall prep starting with canning.  With cucumbers starting to ripen on the vine I'm salivating for homemade pickles.

Last night I made refrigerator pickles with a recipe from  
food in jars.

Notice I didn't use Ball or Mason jars.  These pickles won't be canned.  As it is I'm having trouble staying out of them after 1 day and I still have 2 days to go.  I've been gathering canning recipes in anticipation of my water bath canner and supplies which (fingers crossed) is in the mail.  More on canning later!!

My fall greens have been planted and are already enjoying the warmth of the Florida sun.  Grow babies grow!

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