Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Garden Update. Back to work!

I really enjoyed my weekend of no real labor!  I have so much fun in the garden that I don't really consider it work.  Today back in the office, now that is work and I enjoy every minute of it! { smile }

On Monday I managed to untangle the pumpkin from the tomato cages.  I didn't listen when the pumpkin queen told me that the pumpkin vines would take over the garden.  One plant can stretch 100 feet if you let it.  WOW!  For now my pumpkin is trying to take over 10 feet and I'm not sure what to do.  I think it's time I made another tomato cage only this time I'll give it to my pumpkins.

As for the cucumbers, I'm salivating for homemade pickles.  I almost want to plant a few more but I'm exercising self control.  I hear stories of gardeners planting too many cucumbers and really getting sick of pickles as cucumber plants are HEAVY producers.  For now I'll just wait and be patient. Grrr!

What did you do during the Labor Day weekend?

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