Saturday, September 17, 2011

Garden Update for Mid-September

While some areas of the US are starting to cool down and preparing for fall planting, South Florida is still hot and steamy.  We've had a few rainy days to cools us down (into the 80s) but for now it's 99 degrees with the heat index!!!

A few of the individual pictures were blurry so below is the side yard.  (At least what I could fit in one picture) Total plants include 2 Cucumbers, 3 Zucchinis, 4 Eggplants, 5 Tomatoes
2 Bell Peppers and 3 Pumpkins.

I have continued to stay busy in the garden, fighting aphids and worms and I'm almost ready to harvest my first cucumbers...

National Pickling Cucumber
Jalapeno seedlings complete with kitty bite marks.
Black Beauty Eggplant
Cherokee Purple Tomato. No fruit yet

Pak Choi seedlings

That's all for now.  Happy Planting!  Happy Harvesting!

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