Sunday, December 8, 2013

Victory Garden "Ballistic Seed Balls" and How they Work!

Let's talk about Victory Gardens and Seed Balls...

What is a Victory Garden?
The term Victory Garden became popular in the 1940s during World War ll.
Faced with food shortages due to labor and transportation issues, the US government called upon it's citizens to provide their own fruits and vegetables. 

It is estimated that nearly 20 million Americans answered the call.  This initiative not only conserved fuel but generated food which had become a scarcity in both the states and abroad.

Today, there is a renewed interest in Victory Gardening.  With rising fuel and food costs and concerns about overall health, the home gardens and Victory Gardens are back!

What is a Seed Ball?
Seed bombing or aerial reforestation is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping compressed bundles of soil containing live vegetation, seed balls.

How do they work?

After about three weeks the first seedlings work their way through the seed ball and root into the ground below. The seedlings will then grow into mature plants and face whatever conditions Mother Nature has in store for them. As they grow, more seeds germinate and the seed ball begins to dissolve. This can take days, weeks or months – it depends on the quantity of rainfall. 

Have you ever "Seed Bombed" your garden?  I have and it worked!
I started with these tiny balls of life.  Inside are lots of organic, Non-GMO seeds ready to spring to life after they've been given water and sun.

I started with Marigold Ballistic Seed Balls

I decided to "seed bomb" a few containers so that I knew
 exactly where the seed balls went. 
Pepper pot #1
Pepper Pot #2

 After a few weeks I have marigold in my pepper pots.  We had LOTS of rain for a solid 2 weeks so I didn't think the little seedlings would survive but they made it.  AND I saw a squirrel in one of these pots the other day digging them up! UGH!
Considering the crazy rain and the garden pests this "seed bombing" experiment was a success!

Would you like to create your own Victory Garden?   
Mary's Heirloom Seeds now offers Victory Garden "Ballistic Seed Balls."
Orders of Mary's Victory Garden Ballistic Seed Balls may take up to 3 days to ship.
All of the seeds used are non-GMO, untreated, organic seeds.
Ballistic Seed Balls are available in packs of 2, 6 or 12. 
These flower garden kits are sure to attract novice and expert gardeners alike - and flying creatures too! Whether planted in the yard, in containers, or in an outdoor window box, these seed collections will create a vibrant spectacle that would make any gardener proud and flying creatures happy.

Hand-rolled  in the USA.  
Available varieties: Bachelor Button, Marigold and Alfalfa

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