Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GMO Free Foods!

I'm always looking for GMO free options.  It is VERY important to me to not only SHARE but to also DO!
Have you liked GMO Free Worldwide on facebook yet?  
There are LOTS of great tips available.
Don't forget...Food Revolution Day is May 17th!  What are YOU cooking? 

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25 Pounds of Naturally Free Layer Feed!

Non-GMO Cereal. Pack of 6!

2.5 Pounds Long Grain Brown Rice. Organic, Non-GMO!

March Against Monsanto happens May 25th around the world!  Some people say 12 noon, others say 2pm.  I might be unable to "march" but I plan on showing my support with this blog, multiple fb pages that I operate AND I'm going to get out there with fliers and signs.

If you've never heard of March Against Monsanto just google it.  There are LOTS of links and plenty of organizations getting involved.  

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds
100% Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom Seeds

Organic Golden Flax cereal. 6-Pack

BIG things are going on this month.  If you are planning on participating on May 17th for Food Revolution Day PLEASE leave a comment or email your post to
I will SHARE your post on multiple fb pages!!!

GMO Free Worldwide
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Joyce said...

I do total research of companies who claim to be natural or organic. Right now snacking on Lundberg Santa Fe Barbecue Rice Chips with some Organic Valley cream cheese, yum.

Marching in New Orleans on the 25th.

lori shikuma said...

I am hoping to participate in the March against Monsanto here in Hawaii. I too do my best to keep GMO foods out of our diet. Thanks for sharing...Lori PS Visiting from Katherine's Corner

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for sharing at A Peek Into Paradise TGIF Link Party.

I hope you will come party with us next week and see if you were featured!

Have a great week!

Hugs! Cathy

Anonymous said...

The cereal looks like a good General Mills Cheerios alternative. Thanks for sharing!

Please join us again Thursday at:
The HomeAcre Hop


Alison Bayne said...

Thanks for these product ideas. See you on Sunday at The Creative HomeAcre Hop at