Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tomato Seedlings and Saving $$$

I'm taking a short break from Tinctures and Herbal Remedies to bring you "Cup" planting and "Kitty Containers"

Yes...I am growing Tomatoes!!!!  And eggplant, beans, peppers, basil, cabbage, carrots, dill, yarrow, chamomile, sage, radicchio...I'm sure I'm forgetting some of the varieties.  But I didn't forget to Companion Plant!
Japanese White and Black Beauty Eggplants in Peat Pellets
I hate using plastic!  But then again, I also hate wasting money.  I transplanted the Genovese Basil into these red cups to give away as little "Thanks You" gifts and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on containers.  For $2.50 I have 50 cups, or 50 gifts! 

Genovese Basil seedlings
Red cups...Not just for frat parties and country songs!

These instructions can be used for LOTS of varieties!
Here, I'm planting Tomatoes! 

So here's how I plant seeds:
**Keep in mind that I'm preparing seedlings at a time that I might be moving to a new (to us) house.  I would normally just transplant into the ground**

For Peat Pellet planting: 
-Soak tomato seeds for 12-24 hours before planting.
-When you're ready to plant, soak the Peat Pellets (5-6 minutes)
-Plant your seed in the center and lightly cover with soil

For "Cup" planting
-Soak seeds for 12-24 hours before planting
-Cut 2 holes in the bottom of your cup.
-Fill the cup 3/4 full of potting soil or seed-starter mix
*Seeds do not need fertilizer*I recommend seed-starter mix*
-Moisten the dirt and then make a small "hole" in the center
-Plant seed 1/4 inch in the "hole" then gently cover with dirt 
Tomatoes planted in red cups and peat pellets
WOOHOO!!  I get so excited when I plant seeds.

For Peat Pellets: when your seedlings grow about 1-2 inches tall it's time to transplant. You can transplant into a "cup" until you decide where your seedling will goYou can also transplant into a large container or into the ground.

Did you think I was going to stop there???
Keeping in mind that we might be moving, I decided to make use of 3 of the 100 or so kitty litter buckets(maybe more like 20 but who's counting)  We get these for FREE and there's no way I'm throwing them away OR putting them in the recycle bin.

For "Kitty Containers":
-Rinse thoroughly
-Drill 6-9-12 holes in the bottom. We drilled 3 rows of 3 holes.
-Pack the bottom with a layer of leaves.
*Allows for drainage and FREE nitrogen and nutrients when the roots hit the bottom, plus they'll hold moisture.*
-I add 1 banana peel to the bottom as well for Tomatoes.
-Add your container-garden soil
-Carefully, remove the seedling from it's small container and transplant into your "Kitty Container."
*You want to bury the lower part of the stem.  This will give the tomato plant more stability and a great root system.
-Water thoroughly  

For more information there is a Growing from Seed page.
February 7th (tomorrow) is the last day for the .99 cent seed sale
The "RED" variety seed sale ends February 14th
Orders $35 or more will include an extra pack of Pink Oxheart Tomatoes

Have you planned you garden yet?  Are you already growing?  Do you have any questions about where to get started? 

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Stopping by from The HomeAcre Hop! I'm having a great time gathering information for my garden. I hope to start tomatoes from seed this year for the first time. Thanks for the information!

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Great idea! I will do this. Is it time to plant the seeds indoor now? I live in Michigan.

mary_smith said...

Thank you all for stopping by!
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For starting seeds indoors, plant 6 weeks before your last "frost date"

Check out the Region-Specific Gardening posts for more information

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SEEDLINGS!! What an exciting time of year! -Marci @ stone Cottage Adventures

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Cranberry Morning said...

I can't wait to start my Early Girl tomatoes - mid March for us. And I always just scatter the basil seed (3 packets) on the soil in the garden. I got a ton of it (well, not literally) last summer and made basil pesto and put it in the freezer. Nothing like fettucini with basil pesto in the midst of a dreary, long winter! Your post is so encouraging, to know that spring will come again!

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Seeing these sprouts gets me so excited for spring! (As we in the northeast get hit by Nemo!)

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Wow, I had no idea about soaking the seedlings! Thank you for sharing that, Mary!

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I love this post! Love gardening but haven't been too successful with starting with seeds indoors. Probably because I forget to water. :)
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I am currently house hunting for our first house and I'm determined to have a garden, but I have a black thumb. :( I'm excited to read all the tips you have for gardening! Maybe I won't kill everything I plant with your advice! Excited to read more!

New follower from the meet and greet!
I am currently house hunting for our first house and I'm determined to have a garden, but I have a black thumb. :( I'm excited to read all the tips you have for gardening! Maybe I won't kill everything I plant with your advice!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Banana peel you say? I'll have to try that one! I grew cherry tomatoes this summer, and the biggest problem I had was keeping the birds off (sneaky little pests)! I've bookmarked this post for future reference. Thanks! :)

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I've never had luck with growing tomatoes from seed. Your easy instructions sure make me want to try again! I have a party going on called Saturday Spotlight, and I'd love for you to drop by and share this or any of your other great ideas!

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Some fab growing tips! Hope to get some of my seeds started in a few weeks time, still cold over here in the UK :(

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Thanks for sharing the step-by-step process. I don't have a lot of experience gardening/growing, so seeing what you do it valuable. (Our daughter has cats, so I'll be asking her to save her kitty litter boxes!)