Saturday, February 2, 2013

Got Grains?

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What does this have to do with grains?  WE Got GRAINS!
That's right...For the first time, Mary's Heirloom Seeds is offering
 heirloom grain varieties.

Montezuma Oats
Excellent for forage in the field or collected for hay storage.  Adds green manure when turned over in the soil. 

Produces hulled oats that are and added bonus to chickens or turkeys. This oat has a medium height, very good lodging and shattering resistance.

Belford Barley
Belford barley can be used for grain (eat), hay, forage, erosion control or as a green manure/cover crop.
Awnless, six-rowed barley that was released

 in 1943.
Typically Spring Planted.  Reaches 42"-48"

Why grains?  Because you asked!  I am thrilled to offer grains not only as a human and livestock food source but also as a terrific "green manure."  

WHAT is green manure you ask?  Cover crops!
"Green manure means planting a crop that is meant to be incorporated into the soil to increase it's fertility. Green manures can be planted in the fall after the herbs have been harvested. You can also plant your green manures as part of your crop rotation during the growing season. If you plant your green manure to grown all fall and winter, it also doubles as a cover crop and helps keep the rich topsoil from being washed away."  source

There you have it!  We got Grain!

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