Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Open Pollinated Seeds

ALL of the seed varieties that I plant in my garden and offer at Mary's Heirloom Seeds are open-pollinated!!!  My garden seed varieties are also organic, untreated, non-gmo and heirlooms.
Ace 55 Tomato
I'm serious about seeds!  I just sent out our newsletter this week with $2 seed pack offers.  Seriously!

According to Wikipedia, "Open pollination is pollination by insects, birds, wind, or other natural mechanisms, and contrasts with cleistogamy, closed pollination, which is one of the many types of self pollination.[1] Open pollination also contrasts with controlled pollination, which is controlled so that all seeds of a crop are descended from parents with known traits, and are therefore more likely to have the desired traits.
The seeds of open-pollinated plants will produce new generations of those plants; however, because breeding is uncontrolled and the pollen (male parent) source is unknown, open pollination may result in plants that vary widely in genetic traits. Open pollination may increase biodiversity."
Cal Wonder Bell Peppers
 Planting open-pollinated, heirloom seeds will allow you to save seeds from you harvest to grow more fruits, veggies and herbs next year and for generations. 

Varieties like the Calabrese Broccoli "An Italian heirloom that was brought to America in the 1880s, 5-8" heads and many side shoots"or the French Breakfast Radish "A pre-1885 French heirloom" are survivors!
French Breakfast Radish
 $2 Seed Pack sale varieties include: Arugula, Long Island Brussels Sprouts, Black Beauty Eggplant, Call Wonder Bell and Serrano Peppers, Ace 55 and Roma Tomatoes as well as Genovese Basil.
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All of the seeds listed are untreated, heirloom seeds.
Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge. 
All seeds are organic, open-pollinated, non-gmo and non-hybrid.
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 Happy Planting!

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Becca Acker said...

Glad there are still places to get "healthy" seeds. Thanks for sharing at A Humble Bumble!

Jenny said...

WOW! I never knew this! Thank yo for sharing. Are these seeds from your own plants?? I will be checking them out! I never grew a garden since moving to NE TX a few years ago (9 months prego = no garden!) So, I'm finally excited to dig in and get serious about this whole gardening thing again! LOL! :)

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