Monday, February 27, 2012

Seedling Update

This month I was thrilled to find a solution (or so I thought) to my Garden Dilemma.  Here I am, almost 4 weeks later and the mini greenhouse was almost a complete disaster.  I won't say it was a failure because I learned a lesson.  I did not plant according to what would grow best in this container, I grew what I wanted to plant.  

Some of the seedlings required very little water and some regular watering.  Several of the seed varieties did very well (mainly flowers) and others sprouted and then died.

Sunday morning I sat out on the patio transplanting the seedlings that had not died into 3 inch peat pots.  Here's a tally...

Grew Well:
French Breakfast Radish
Dark Purple Opal Basil
Danver's Half-Long Carrots

Grew just Okay:
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy
Atomic Red Carrots
Bachelor Button

Grew but Died:
Fine Verde Basil
Little Gem Lettuce

Several of the previous patio seedlings have now been transplanted into the garden, making more room for the greenhouse survivors. Last week I transplanted the Long Island improved Brussels Sprouts, Purple Top Turnips and German Giant Radishes into the garden.  We've eaten all but one of the mature German Giant Radishes.
I will still use this handy greenhouse in the future but I think I'll stick with herbs and flowers.  For now, I'll suffer with an extremely messing patio.  Thank goodness for a loving and understanding hubby!


Denise said...

You know, mine hasn't done all that well either and I'm really disappointed. I usually don't start seeds indoors, rather planting them outside when the weather permits.
Right now I have about 2/3 of what I planted left and they seem to be doing ok at the moment.
I'm just keeping fingers crossed that I can get them planted outside where I seem to have better luck at growing!

Mary Smith said...

I decided to cut my losses and just transplant what was still growing. Tonight I used the peat pellets and it was SO easy and mess free! I'll post an update next week with a quick video.