Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bee my neighbor...Mason Bee House

I'm looking for a few good renters...Bees that is!  After watching the movie Vanishing Bees back in December I planted lots of flower seeds in the garden.

Flowers were just the first step in attracting bees.  
I also purchased a Mason Bee House.

Here's another that can be wall-mounted:

I found a great list of "Bee-friendly" plants over at The Daily Green.  Below are the flowers and shrubs listed.

Annuals                                     Perennials 
Asters                                         Buttercups
Calliopsis                                    Clematis
Clover                                         Cosmos
Marigolds                                    Crocuses
Poppies                                       Dahlias
Sunflowers                                  Echinacea
Zinnias                                         English Ivy
Shrubs                                       Geraniums
Blueberry                                     Germander
Butterfly Bush                              Globe Thistle
Button Bush                                 Hollyhocks
Honeysuckle                                Hyacinth
Indigo                                           Rock Cress
Privet                                           Roses
                                                    Yellow Hyssop

I've already mounted my Mason Bee House.  I'll update as soon as the bees move in.


Denise said...

I've always been interested in bee keeping and think it's great that you're trying to attract them.
Having read several articles about the bees disappearing, it's really a scary thought and something I never thought would happen.
Looking at your list of flowers it looks like I'll be planting quite a few of them, although I don't plan on housing them. Just feeding them!
I look forward to updates and hope the bees will take advantage of their new homes!

Mary Smith said...

I'm still waiting for bees. I planted so many flowers, several with no label, and it's so nice to see them blooming now. Later in the week I'll have to post pictures.