Saturday, October 22, 2011

Speaking of changes...

I planted these Little Gem Lettuce less than a month ago.  After I took this picture I clipped off a few leaves and added it to my salad.  It was yummy!

Below is a recently transplanted Cal Wonder Bell Pepper.

I don't think the Pak Choi does very well when transplanted.

Next time I'll sow directly into a medium container.

After several months of hard work in the yard I am making several BIG and unexpected changes.  I have realized that at my current pace, the side-yard project, will continue to be very expensive.  The purpose of this project is to not only save money but to produce healthier, more nutrient dense food while learning more about Urban Homesteading.  
And yes, I did use the phrase. 
(Not sure what I'm talking about? Just ask!)

Last month I had to pull out the Cucumber and the Pumpkin plants due to a nasty aphid infestation.  However, I did find a useful recipe for pest control using olive oil, garlic and water which I have been using almost daily.  This month I was horrified when I notice several of my tomato plants had had their leaves devoured by tomato hornworms.  Never have I seen such humongous green worms!

SO, for the next few months I will be planting everything in containers.  Planting in containers can save both time and money.  I will be able to better regulate the amount of water used, soil quality and pests.

Today I planted a few more varieties of veggie seeds.  I soaked the seeds overnight and this morning cleaned out as many containers as I could find. 

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