Monday, October 17, 2011

Garden Update!!

I've been away from both the garden and blog lately.  I'm still considering my option for the future of the side-yard project.  AND, it rained most of the weekend and it's still drizzling today.  I didn't let a little, (a lot) of rain get me down. 

Since the ground had been completely saturated this weekend I figured it was time to add a bit of fertilizer.  This morning I went out to inspect the garden and, to my horror, found SNAILS in the garden.  Lots of snails!  I had a solution!  Epsom salt to the rescue.  Not only is is a great source of phosphorus which the plants needed but it also gets rid of snails and will hopefully keep them away.  Next on the list of soil amendments was Nitrogen.  Several weeks ago I purchased organic blood meal which is a great source of Nitrogen and Tomatoes LOVE it!

As for the remaining seedlings, I've already transplanted most into larger pots while they await their final destination.

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