Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's not too late to start a Garden!

On My Mind...
My sister Jen (right) and I (left) 2010 San Diego
An herb garden is an easy way to start and can be started indoors even in late October.

If you have a windowsill that gets several hours of sun (and if you can keep cats and/or dogs out of it) what are you waiting for?

Basil is a great place to start.  Basil requires plenty of sunlight and water.  Keep in mind Basil needs proper drainage and does not like standing water.  If starting from seed, germination takes about 7 days and can be started in a small recycled plastic container with drainage or a Jiffy Pot.  

Once the plant has grown several inches tall it can be transplanted into a larger container.  As the Basil grows, clip flowers to ensure the plant devotes it's energy to growing more leaves.

It's that easy!  Happy Planting! 

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rhonda jean said...

Hi Mary! We have no window sills that get direct sunlight. Shade is our preference here. I guess windows sills make excellent venues for herbs over winter. I hope yours thrive.

Mary Smith said...

Hi Rhonda! As long as I can keep them out of reach from the kitties they'll grow just fine.
Thank you for stopping by!