Friday, January 24, 2014

Non-GMO, Heirloom Peppers

I LOVE homegrown Peppers!!!  I know it's cold in most parts of the US at the moment but take comfort that Spring is right around the corner.  Check out these beautiful Heirloom, Non-GMO Pepper Varieties @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds for your garden.

PURPLE Jalapeno Pepper
75 Days.   A large Jalapeno pepper that turns deep purple before maturing to red. Full Jalapeno flavor and heat; great for salsa and other Mexican foods.   Plants both productive and ornamental.

Black Hungarian Hot Pepper
75 days.  Rare and colorful, these tall plants have beautiful purple flowers that make this variety very ornamental.  They are mildly hot and have a delicious flavor.

Golden Marconi Sweet Pepper
80 days.  This golden sweet pepper is worth the wait!  Fruits start green and change to yellow, then orangish. Sweetest when fully ripe, but still mild and lightly sweet at the yellow stage.

Red Marconi Pepper
90 days.  This variety matures a little later than regular bell peppers but produces much sweeter and tastier fruits. Vigorous plants produce high yields of high quality fruits that ripen to a deep red color.

75-80 days. Delicious mildly hot flavor, excellent for roasting or frying; good yields of very large chili peppers.  Grows to 6-10 inches.  Fantastic addition to Homemade Salsa!

70 days.  An excellent green bell pepper of nice size and very good yield. Upright 2 ft tall plants bear prolific fruits that are 4-5" long and almost the same width across. 
A long growing season, high-quality fruit, and sweet flavor have resulted in California Wonder Bell Pepper becoming one of the most popular open-pollinated bell peppers for both home and market growers.

Purple Beauty Bell Pepper
70-75 days.  Purple Beauty Bell Peppers are around 3 to 4 inches long as well as wide.  They develop into an eggplant shade of purple and eventually to a reddish color. The compact bushy plants produce an abundance of fruit on the crown as well as on the limbs. Avoid a soggy, water-logged soil condition when growing peppers.

75-95 days.  Gorgeous chocolate colored habanero peppers.  Don’t let the color fool you; these are not candy, but rather flaming-hot fruit that carry a massive 300,000 Scoville units of heat!

Jimmy Nardiello Pepper
75-85 days.  A very productive and disease resistant pepper.  It is here over a 100 years ago Giuseppe Nardiello and wife Angela grew this  pepper in the southern region of Italy.  Jimmy Nardello peppers are sweet,crisp and light when eaten raw.  Considered one of the best frying pepper.

75 days.  Large plant bears club-shaped fruit, very hot and pungent with a distinctive flavor.  Serrano peppers are around 5 times spicier and hotter than jalapeno peppers at a fairly hot 10,000 – 20,000 scoville heat units on average.

70-80 days.  A very tasty mild Jalapeno type, with the same delicious flavor, but a lot less heat. Great yields.
Thai Long Sweet Pepper
70-80 days.  This gorgeous sweet pepper grows about  6 inches long and is light green in color.  Great for grilling and a wonderful rare variety.

There you have it.  LOTS of deliciously unique Heirloom Pepper varieties.  Stop by and pick up your favorite pepper!

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