Saturday, January 18, 2014

NEW Heirloom Seed Varieties @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds

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We're @ the Yellow Green Farmer's Market
Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm  in BOOTH #281

65 days.   Beautiful 8", good-sized roots are extra-smooth, long and blunt-ended.
A deep orange color with a fine carrot flavor makes this variety popular in the markets of Europe. Slender roots tend to stay tender and not get woody. A perfect variety for gourmet cooks and upscale markets.


60-80 days. Indeterminate.  A great tomato begins with high-quality, heirloom seeds! 

This Greek tomato was introduced to the USA in the 1950's by Glecklers Seedsmen of Ohio. It is a popular large, red uniform fruit with excellent flavor, high yields and disease resistance.
An early variety perfect for home or market; keeps well.

70-80 days. A great tomato begins with high-quality, heirloom seeds!

The fruit are the size of a small egg, vibrant pink, sugar sweet, and begging to be eaten.

Perfectly sized for salads or putting in the lunchbox!  
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