Thursday, January 30, 2014

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80-90 days.  (Cucumis melo)  This is a heat loving melon that has wonderfully vigorous vines. 
The Crenshaw produces fruit 6-8 pounds and occasionally some up to 10 pounds.

The crenshaw's texture is silky smooth and not at all granular like some melons can be. 
A fantastic summer treat!  
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70 days.   Thick 7-inch roots have good flavor.  Improved strain of Danver's carrot that was
introduced in 1947.
Contains approx 250 heirloom seeds
Spag Squash
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88 days.  Introduced in 1934. 
Easy variety of squash to grow.

This is a very popular squash with stringy flesh that can be used like spaghetti.
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100-110 days. Connecticut field pumpkins usually grow
to around 20lbs.
They reach around 12 inches in diameter and have a thick flesh. A great pumpkin for baking pies or carving
Introduced prior to 1700.
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