Sunday, January 12, 2014

Non-GMO Cheerios: Progress or Propaganda?

I was raised on Cheerios. It's true!  Growing up we were only allowed to eat cereal with 3 grams or less of sugar (Cheerios and Rice Crispies).  There were 2 exceptions: (1) On our birthday and Christmas we were able to choose whatever cereal we wanted and we each had our own box (2) If we ate breakfast at our granny's house.

Cheerios probably used to be a "healthy" alternative back in the 80s.  While GMOs have been around since the late 70s, they were not as widely used as fillers and cheap sugars until the 90s.  So the "sugar" in cheerios probably used to be REAL sugar.

Do you even know about GMOs?  I meet people every weekend that truly have NO IDEA.  I own an Heirloom seed company, Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  In 2013 I opened up a booth at the local farmer's market and I am AMAZED at the lack of understanding about where our food comes from.

Check out my links for GMO Education for more information.

As for Cherrios removing GMOs...It is my opinion that this is a blantant marketing ploy to lure consumers into a false sense of security.  Maybe the consumer has heard about GMOs and knows they're bad and now thinks, "Good for Cherios!"  WRONG!
OR, Maybe Cheerios is junping on the GMO-Free Bandwagon and hopes to lure you back (since they've probably lost billions of dollars).  Bottom line (literally) is General Mills still offers Hundreds of other chemical-laden, GMO-filled junk food.

Let's start with Cheerios: TRIPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE
From InRFood

ALERT: Medical Conditions



Tripotassium phosphate is also known as tribasic potassium phosphate. It is a colorless or white, odorless, hygroscopic crystal or granule that is a water-soluble ionic salt. In its hydrated form it is a monohydrate and trihydrate. Tripotassium phosphate is used as a food additive for emulsifying, foaming and whipping other ingredients. It can be combined with fatty acids for use as a potential antimicrobial agent in poultry processing. Tripotassium phosphate is found in cooked and cured meats, milk and cream products and drinking chocolate.

Other Use and Industries

Tripotassium phosphate is used as a fertilizer It is also found in liquid soap and refined gasoline products. Tripotassium phosphate is used in the pharmaceutical and papermaking industries.

So let me get this straight...Cheerios claims they are "Heart-Healthy" and yet, they use a preservative with a HEART CONDITION WARNING.  Does anyone else have a problem with that?

We won't be jumping on the "Cheerios Bandwagon" in our house.  There are many REAL food alternatives to the chemical junk produced from General Mills.  Look for safe and healthy alternatives.  Look for the Non-GMO Project certification.

What's your opinion?


Brandy Toenges said...

I have been doing more and more research about these things and I am disgusted with it all. I hate how our WIC {women, infants and children} program only allow you to get cereals and products with these nasty ingredients. And goodness gracious ORGANIC if forbidden!! DISGUSTING!!! Going off the grid sounds better and better all the time...thanks for the great info!!

Janine Thompson said...

Certainly gives us plenty more to think about. Our goal is to one day live off only what we can produce. It may be the only way to stay healthy!

Marla Gates said...

GMO's in my opinion are just plain dangerous to our health and environment. I don't believe that GM is doing this because they care about our healht but only because they care about their profit

Joyce Wheeler said...

Like you we also will not be making a purchase of cheerios. General Mills has put alot of money into making sure GMOs are not labeled why would I trust them. Plus it is only one product, and they did not even go through the process to become organic.

Christine Carnahan said...

Excellent post! I agree, too, that I thought it was suspicious that they are taking the GMOs out of "regular" Cheerios, but not anything else. Hmmm...
I am personally on my own anti-GMO bandwagon this week. Girl Scout Cookies are FULL of GMOs and my little Girl Scout is supposed to be selling them to our friends and neighbors? Um... NO! I just finished writing a post explaining exactly WHY she won't be selling them!
~ Christine

Becca said...

Interesting info. Sad how companies really don't care about what they have in their products as long as they are making money. :(
Thanks for sharing this at the hop!

Lydia Filgueras said...

I totally agree with you. From a marketing standpoint it's a good move. GMO free doesn't necessarily mean organic, as you've pointed out. A long shelf life still means a lot of preservatives.

Cynthia Landrie said...

This is really interesting. And I agree - there is some disgusting stuff in that cereal. Thank you for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.

Marla Gates said...

Gmo free is good but not necesary safe if they are filled with preservative & other artificial ingredients. Big corporations are goal is their profit not our health. thanks for sharing. Visiting from Real Food Fridays.