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Looking for Quick & Easy in the Garden?

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August 6, 2018
We hope your garden is flourishing!

We're often asked about which varieties of seeds are easy to grow.  Another common question is "What can I grow right now?"
Well, you're in luck because there are LOTS of easy varieties to plant right now depending on your area.  Here's a list to help you get started.
Easy to Grow Varieties

Nothing is the garden is completely "quick and easy" but there are certainly varieties that grow quicker than others or might be easier to grow than some.
From 9 Easiest Veggies to Grow from Seed to Harvest

People often ask, "What's the easiest veggie to grow?"  For me, that's a tough one.  If I had to choose just ONE, the easiest veggie with the best yield, it would have to be Swiss Chard.   Swiss Chard is easy to grow from seed and provides continual harvest for several months after maturity.  Swiss Chard can survive warm and hot climates so that's a plus.

What are the 9 Easiest Veggies to Grow?

Soak seeds overnight in water before planting to ensure strong germination. Plant seeds half an inch deep and 3 inches apart. Set out seedlings 12 inches apart. Indoors or out, thin newly germinated seedlings with cuticle scissors instead of pulling them out. Chard seed capsules often contain two or more seeds. If more than one germinates, promptly snip off all but the strongest sprout at the soil line

Twist off individual outer leaves and compost old leaves that have lost their glossy sheen. Three to five leaves can be picked from mature plants at a time, but be sure to leave the growing crown intact.


Radishes are a cool weather crop best planted in spring and autumn. Growing radishes during the hot summer months will cause them to bolt.  

Planting: When preparing the planting bed, loosen the soil 6 to 10 inches deep, and mix in good compost or well-rotted manure. Sow seeds a half inch deep and 1 inch apart, in rows spaced 12 inches apart. After the seedlings appear, thin salad radishes to 3 inches apart; thin oriental radishes to 8 to 10 inches apart.

Harvest: Some Radish varieties such as Early Scarlet Globe radish can mature in as few as 22 days!

Planting:  All types of lettuce grow best when the soil is kept constantly moist, and outside temperatures range between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prepare your planting bed by loosening the soil to at least 10 inches deep. Mix in an inch or so of good compost or well-rotted manure. Sow lettuce seeds a quarter of an inch deep and 1 inch apart in rows or squares, or simply broadcast them over the bed.

Harvest: Harvest lettuce in the morning, after the plants have had all night to plump up with water.

For the sake of simplicity, I classify beans in 2 categories: Bush and Pole.

Bush beans are usually compact and grow close to the ground. Pole beans climb and require a trellis or other support. Bush beans tend to produce more beans in a shorter time, while pole beans will produce more over an entire season. Pole beans typically require much less.

Planting: Wait until well after the last frost before you plant the beans as they all like warm soil for germination. Plant the seeds about an inch below the surface and keep watered until the seed germinate

Harvest: Whether you grow pole beans or bush beans you will have an abundant harvest if you remember to pick regularly. Most beans are harvested before the seed grows too large, and the overall harvest will continue for many weeks if the beans are picked every day or so.

The varieties listed above, Swiss Chard, Radish, Lettuce and Green Beans, can all be grown in Containers, raised beds and in-ground.

What about fast-maturing varieties?
Here are a few:

Need a few tips on HOW to grow them?
We can help!

From our Growing Tips & Videos page


If you;re wondering what to plant and when to plant, check out our 2018 Planting Guide for the US

This is a region specific guide.
For FALL Planting, we also have a few suggestions:


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