Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Ready for more?
We have a new video available on our youtube channel

We realize that not everyone is able to use our youtube channel so we've decided to offer this email with a brief explanation AND let you know that we have packets of Nitrogen Boost Fish Food on sale this weekend for only $1.95 plus shipping
NPK: 8-5-1
Hydrolized Fish Powder for a quick shot of nitrogen for your plants
Easy to use instant fish-based foliar feed or Tea.
Each 1 gallon packet packet makes a gallon of full strength liquid feed or 2 gallons of diluted feed
Each 5 gallon packet packet makes 5 gallons of full strength liquid feed or 10 gallons of diluted liquid feed
Foliar feed
Transplant root soak to reduce stress/shock
Pre-Soak for seeds
DIY Liquid fertilizer

Here's the video!
We recently posted a video about using Micronized Azomite in the garden as a liquid feed. Micronized Azomite is great to re-mineralize your soil for healthy root growth.

Nitrogen Boost Fish Food is an excellent boost for your plants if you notice yellowing leaves or stunted plants. If you use too much nitrogen, you might have lots of green leaf growth but not enough flowering for fruits/veggies. However, you'll notice that none of our plant food and soil amendment options have a super high NPK. Everything we offer is natural and organic with no synthetic ingredients.

To use Mountain Flower Nitrogen Boost Fish Food, all you need is water and a container with your fertilizer. Simply add the desired amount of water to your container, add the Nitrogen Boost Fish Food and mix thoroughly. This product is water soluble and can be used immediately.

A 1-gallon packet will make 1 gallon of strong tea or 2 gallons of diluted tea. we also offer a 5 gallon packet that will make 5 gallons of strong tea or 10 gallons diluted.

This is a great option for a "quick fix" in your garden or as a regular fertilizer for heavy feeders such as Zucchini, Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Corn, Okra, Squash and Pumpkin.

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