Friday, February 20, 2015

New Homestead *UPDATE*

I've been a little too quiet over here...But we have a good reason...
So far, as expected, It's been loads of fun and hard work around here!  
In 19 days, we've managed to build 4 raised beds...fill them with dirt using a single wheelbarrow, plant several hundred heirloom seeds, AND managed to blog, ship seeds for Mary's Heirloom Seeds, SHARE our tutorial with friends & customers and have a great time.
Today we're building 2 more beds and Saturday we'll build 4 more.
That will give us to a total of 12 Raised Bed Garden.
Here's a link to our Raised Bed Garden tutorial.
Oh ya, we also Unpacked boxes!!!

Last weekend was my sister's birthday.  It was nice to get cleaned up and drive over to my Mom's for dinner and family time.  It's been 8 years since I've been able to do this so I am over-the-moon excited!

So here's a pictorial update

Indoor Seed Starting
We planted a bunch of seeds indoors and a bunch of seeds directly in beds.

Build Your Own Raised Bed Garden (tutorial)

Once the beds were filled I planted seeds!
Our first Salad Bed
Our Salad Bed includes edible flowers: Coreopsis and Nasturtium.  Greens: 5 Color Silverbeet Chard, Nero Cabbage (aka Lacinato Kale), Dwarf Pak Choy and Little Gem Lettuce.

It was rough the first few days without a refrigerator.  
Once our new appliance arrived, we were thrilled to eat healthier lunches.

It was a bit cold the first few mornings.  
Once I got warmed up, the sweatshirt came off!

The last few days I've been sharing the NEW seed varieties we've added at Mary's Heirloom Seeds for 2015.  We're STILL adding more but I thought I'd share our progress
So Many NEW Heirloom Seed Varieties...Where do I Start? 

So Many NEW Organic Wildflower Varieties...Plant for the Pollinators!

There you have it!  
Thanks for stopping by and if you have additional questions please feel free to ask.

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